Family law solicitors cover a great range of services, not just divorce law and guidance. In this article we look at what other services you can get should you need a family law solicitor in Cardiff.


So many aspects of family law equate to personal feelings and situations where conflict is occurring and needs to be resolved. A good family law solicitor will keep the very best outcome in mind for all involved in a dispute so that families can move on with their lives once a dispute has been settled. One of the most difficult services to mediate upon is child custody should a marriage or partnership break up and the children are left in the middle like a tug of war. The best family law solicitors in Cardiff ensure that the best outcome for the children is at the top of their list. 


Child protection and child support make up a large part of the services on offer by a family law solicitor as well as any domestic abuse which puts the child or children in any danger. 

Getting Professional Guidance


Sometimes a family lawyer in Cardiff can be your port of call for a good reason, adoption for example. Family law solicitors are a vital part of ensuring that the adoption process is followed correctly and as potential new parents you are fully legally covered for all eventualities. If you need gender advice or LGBT+ representation, then a family law professional is who you should turn to for help. You may be getting married and require either a declaration of trust or a prenup or prenuptial agreement to safeguard any personal effects in case the worst happens in future. Unfortunately, it’s best to be prepared for any specific outcome such as separation or divorce so even though at the time it doesn’t seem needed it can always be advised to take out given the figures above.

Speaking to a Local Family Law Solicitor

A family law solicitor in Cardiff is 100% needed if you have to arrange a separation that includes financial aspects that need completing. Even if you think that you are both level-headed people and you can get it all resolved yourselves it only takes one misunderstanding or a bit of incorrect family advice to one of you and you will both be at each other for everything your former partner owns. If the split is amicable then it’s always worth arranging between you both some outstanding issues which should be carried out on your behalf through a family law solicitor in Cardiff.  


If your split is amicable then try a family law solicitor together so you can draw up a separation agreement between each other. It can be put together quickly, fairly and with full transparency if you are all in the meetings together. This is a very successful way of stopping any pointless squabbling later down the line. It can also be very cost-effective for you both. Mediation can also be used 


Some of the more obscure services are subjects like forced marriages, grandparent controlling issues, child protection and even child abduction. All these types of service are carried out by family law solicitors for you. 

When Do I Need a Family Law Solicitor

We hope that this article has made you aware of a few extra services that a family law solicitor offers, and although not fully exclusive it does show the diverse range of services that a local family lawyer in Cardiff can offer you. Thanks very much for reading our article on Family law solicitors.

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