Children Returning Back to School & Other Issues for Co-Parenting


Returning to School - Custody

The recent climate and situations that have arisen during the lockdown and global pandemic has seen increased stresses on many relationships. This may have also increased issues for parents who have separated or divorced and who are co-parenting. This has been quite a dividing topic with a lot of confusion – as agreements before lockdown may have changed completely with children isolating originally with one parent and not visiting the other (which we discussed in our article on Divorce Law Advice at the start of the uncertainty.)


This article seeks to give advice on a huge potential issue – the question of when a parent can decide that a child should go back to school. At the time that this blog is published – children do not have to return to school so it is entirely optional for parents to send their children back to study on-site and parents are allowed to continue to homeschool if they prefer this. However – this sets up obvious issues for parents that are key workers, parents that have to work and cannot obtain child care easily or those who cannot drop their little ones off to grandparents or other family members for risk of COVID-19.


There are a huge range of factors so we hope that this article provides some clarity on your rights as a co-parent on sending your children back to school as well as other issues that may have risen for co-parents during these difficult and stressful times. 


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Parents Have Been Battling in Court Since June on Children Returning to School


Back to School - Family Law


The decision for children to return to school has been a hugely hot topic for the last few months with separating parents doing battle in court for arrangements during these difficult times. For those who are already separated or divorced, it’s likely that custodial arrangements have changed throughout the course of the pandemic in terms of visitation moving to calls or video conferences/facetime. Now that lockdown is being eased and eased further – the issue of school is becoming more and more prevalent as the next hurdle to overcome. 


With custodial agreements taking huge strains and pressures due to COVID-19 and other situations, this may make the decision making process much more difficult. You may find that mediation is the most effective route when looking to make decisions regarding children during these understandably difficult times. Although mediation isn’t a one size fits all solution – it may help when trying to reach decisions especially this very difficult decision. There are just so many factors at play when reaching decisions on children returning to school. Although mediation isn’t best suited for everyone – this can help to make informed decisions and legally binding decisions – especially when looking at the difficult decision of making the choice as to when children should return to school.


We are able to help you reach decisions disputes regarding visitation as well as all issues relating to family law. We are more than happy to help you reach decisions as well as reach decisions that are best suited for the interests of your children. This is vital and during these difficult times – we will always act with their best interests at heart.


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