relationship breakdown

This is a very difficult time for everyone involved, and inevitably emotions will be running high. Let us help you by dealing with the legal issues which arise when a relationship breaks down. We will advise you about your options and work with you to achieve the best outcome at what can be a very confusing and stressful time.

We have a proven track record of dealing with any of these problems:

This is the legal process of ending a marriage. We can deal with it for you or advise you about the process if you wish to conduct the proceedings yourself.

Financial Settlements

When a relationship ends you need to find the best way for you both to manage financially. This is often the most critical issue to resolve and we would strongly recommend you take legal advice on your options.

Cohabitee property disputes

When you own property together disputes often arise about how to deal with it at the end of a relationship. This can be a complex area of law and taking legal advice is strongly recommended.

Domestic abuse

No-one should tolerate an abusive relationship. Domestic abuse covers emotional, financial, sexual, psychological and physical harm. You have options to apply to court for injunctions to protect yourself and your children. We always deal with these matters sensitively and respect your choices and confidentiality at every stage.


Please see our ‘Disputes Involving Children’ page to see how we can help you with this important issue.

Separation agreements

You may have separated but are not ready to divorce. We can help you to draw up a Separation Agreement to deal with your financial affairs.


It is always better to try to reach an amicable solution if possible. We can refer you to Mediation and advise you throughout the process with the aim of reaching an acceptable agreement without going to court. Our Solicitors are members of Resolution and we always strive to reduce conflict at what is already a very emotive time for you.

Court proceedings

Sometimes disputes need to be taken to court to get a fair solution. We have experienced solicitors who are highly skilled in these matters and will represent you in court to achieve the best outcome for you.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

These are becoming very popular and significant. We can advise you and draw up an agreement which protects your position and assets in the event of a future relationship breakdown.


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    As a team of expert family law solicitors in Cardiff, we can advise and represent you when your family is finding it difficult to agree on arrangements for the children. This often happens following a relationship breakdown or when families fall out. This can be an emotional and challenging time for any family and our experienced team of experts in child law can help by advising you about your rights and your options and represent you to achieve a solution.

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