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professional divorce solicitors cardiffWhen your marriage breaks down and you are looking to end a marriage through the legal process of divorce, there are a number of factors and concerns that make this an extremely difficult time for you. The emotional difficulties are vast and are often very difficult to overcome not to mention when you have to consider the legal implications of ending a marriage. This is why we are here to help you through this difficult stage in your life and will endeavour to make it as stress-free and straightforward as possible. This article will discuss the benefits of hiring us to represent you as your divorce solicitor as well as the various situations in which we can help and advise you in which may also be a part of your divorce settlement. If you feel that you need legal assistance or advice regarding a divorce or if you are looking for professional divorce solicitors in Cardiff then ensure that you contact Hurlows Solicitors today or give us a call on: 029 2039 6087.

Legal Benefits of Hiring a Solicitor

There are numerous legal benefits of hiring us to represent and advise you should you be facing a divorce settlement or dispute. The initial benefit is that divorce is the legal process of ending a marriage therefore a divorce document will need to be drafted and signed by both parties. We can help you and advise you regarding this document and ensure that you receive a fair financial settlement. This is often one of the most critical issues regarding divorce therefore it is very much advised that you have our help in regards to agreeing a financial settlement. Our team will be more than happy to advise you and talk you through all of the options that are available to you. Cohabitee property disputes are similarly another aspect in which it is very much advised to seek legal aid as this can be a very complex are of the law. Apart from these legal benefits, there are certain situations in which a legal advisor or divorce solicitor will likely to be needed to represent you.

Other Situations Within a Divorce

Domestic abuse is a very serious issue and nobody should have to tolerate an abusive relationship. Domestic abuse covers a range of abuse such as emotional, physical, sexual, financial, psychological and physical harm. You have the options available to apply to the courts for an injunction to be placed to protect yourself and your children from an abusive spouse. Here at Hurlows Solicitors, we will endeavour to respect your choices and take these matters sensitively and with the utmost confidentiality at all stages of the process. Nobody should be subjected to this type of treatment and your safety and the safety of your children are of utmost importance. We can also advise and represent you in regards to custody of your children and their wellbeing. For more information regarding child custody and disputes involving children, please read our blog post entitled: Child custody solicitors in Cardiff.

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A divorce can be an extremely difficult time for all parties involved and it is understandably a very distressing and stressful process. We understand what you may be going through and are available to offer you legal advice and help you understand where you stand legally. This can help you to understand where you stand whilst also offering clarity on your rights under the law. If you require advice surrounding the process of a divorce or if you are looking for divorce solicitors in Cardiff then be sure to contact Hurlows Solicitors today or give us a call on: 029 2039 6087

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