When you are facing a dispute relating to family law, this can be an understandably unsettling and personal situation. Tensions may be rising high and you may feel that you are isolated or alone during this time. When preparing to speak to a family law solicitor or approaching a family law case – you may be looking for advice and support during this difficult time.


Our legal experts are available to support you should you have a question about family law in Cardiff. We are more than happy to support you during this difficult time and we are able to offer advice and support that is relevant to your case. We also only specialise in family law which means that we can offer you specialist advice that is relevant to your claim.


If you are looking for a family law solicitor in Cardiff then get in touch with a member of our team today. You can get in touch using an online contact form on our website or telephone now.


Preparing to Speak to a Family Law Solicitor


Speaking to a family law solicitor can be a daunting process but your solicitor is available to offer you relevant legal advice and to stand in your corner. Our solicitors for example will discuss case notes as a team to offer you as much legal support as possible and to ensure that you have the maximum amount of legal representation possible. There are some key things to consider when speaking to a family law solicitor.

  • Be Honest – It’s vitally important to be totally transparent with your solicitor. If you do not mention certain aspects of your case such as finances or how you feel about the situation – you may not be happy with the end result of proceedings. There is also no benefit in exaggerating the situation – stating the facts is the best policy in terms of a family law dispute.

  • Avoid Sharing Your Emotions – remember that you are speaking to your solicitor for legal advice and support. Being upset about the situation is understandable but don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement or affect the way in which you can process legal advice. Mediation in a similar way is designed to resolve a dispute or divorce – it is not a counselling service. It’s highly advised to speak to a friend or trusted family member for emotional support before speaking to your solicitor.

  • Prepare Questions for Your Solicitor – a dispute involving family law can be highly challenging and emotional so it’s important to prepare for any questions that you may have when you speak to your solicitor. These questions may include questions about how the case will be approached, who will be handling their case and relevant details about their case.


Finding a Trusted Family Law Solicitor


It’s highly recommended that you seek the representation of a specialised family law solicitor rather than a solicitor that covers many other areas of the law. This is because of the fact that these solicitors are highly specialised in family law. Not one case is the same however some family law cases are similar so these specialist family law solicitors have likely supported someone in a similar situation to yourself. This allows them to offer tailored and specific advice that is suitable and relevant to your case. This can also help to manage your expectations and give you an inclination of how your case will progress.


We are highly trusted and leading family law solicitors in Cardiff. We have supported many of our clients in Cardiff and the surrounding areas with a wide variety of family law disputes. Get in touch today to find out more information.


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