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Relationship breakdowns are an extremely difficult time for the parties involved and their families and we understand this is an understandably very uncertain time. In order to ensure that a fair outcome is reached, it’s important to have access to relevant up-to-date legal information to support you during any decisions – especially regarding finances or children.


We are a team of highly experienced family law solicitors in Cardiff and have many years of experience supporting our clients when the unfortunate event of a relationship breakdown occurs. This allows us to continue to produce high-quality and relevant guides to help you should you be facing a relationship breakdown and want to find easy to access advice. In all cases – we highly recommend that you get in contact with a family law solicitor to support you during your claim. 


If you are looking for a family law solicitor in Cardiff then get in touch with a member of our team today. We are more than happy to discuss all of the relevant details of your case as well as discuss your case via telephone, conference call or email. Contact us today to find out more.


Reaching Legal Agreements During a Relationship Breakdown


It can seem like a very difficult and challenging time to reach agreements when a relationship breaks down but it’s really important to reach legal agreements – especially in arrangements for finances and arrangement for children. In the ideal case – amicable solutions can be reached and changes to the law that are proposed next year coined ‘No-Fault Divorce’ aims to make it easier for amicable separations. The proposers of the law state that this law is aimed to take the ‘blame game’ out of divorce proceedings as it is often required to prove a breakdown of a relationship.


It’s therefore highly advised that you seek the advice and support of a family law solicitor or legal representative – regardless of if a separation or divorce is amicable or not. This is because of the fact that you will need access to relevant legal advice and you will want support on reaching financial agreements which will likely be the focal point of many divorce cases. Although some may not have children – arrangements for children need to be legally binding and this can often be a source of contention. Unfortunately in some cases – communications may have broken down so legal advice is highly recommended in these cases.


How Can a Family Law Solicitor Support You During Your Case?


Family law solicitors such as our expert team are always studying and reviewing cases that may be relevant to your case. Although every case is different, an experienced solicitor has more than likely supported a client in a similar situation to yourself and can therefore offer tailored and accurate legal advice. In situations in which it is difficult or unproductive to try and reach agreements – solicitors who are trained and qualified in mediation may be called upon to mediate and reach agreements. This is not designed to mediate and heal rifts in relationships – this is solely to reach a middle-ground and agreements made in mediation sessions can be made legally binding.


In some cases – mediation is not appropriate. Examples of this may include relationships that have broken down to a point where the conversation is not effective or productive or cases where it is not safe for meetings to occur (such as in cases of domestic violence or court order has been put in place to keep one party away from another.)


No-one should tolerate an abusive relationship. Domestic abuse covers emotional, financial, sexual, psychological and physical harm. You have options to apply to court for injunctions to protect yourself and your children. We always deal with these matters sensitively and respect your choices and confidentiality at every stage.


Finding a Family Law Solicitor to Represent You During Your Case


Family Law During COVID-19


A family law solicitor such as a member of our team will always be in your corner and will offer you advice from a legal as well as another opinion to support you during this difficult time. It can feel as if you are isolated or alone during this difficult time therefore family law solicitors are available to support you during this difficult time.


If you are facing a divorce or separation and require the support of a legal representative then get in touch with an experienced family law solicitor or firm. Our expert family law solicitors in Cardiff are more than happy to support you if you are based in Cardiff 

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