COVID-19 & Family Law – What Has Changed Over the Past Year?

Family Law Claims - COVID 19

There’s no doubt that it has been an extremely difficult year for many families across the country. With the various issues and implications that have been presented to us during the pandemic and with processes such as lockdown – this has massively changed the way that some aspects of Family Law operate. From changing of custodial agreements to having to conduct online visitations, decisions having to be made to protect vulnerable family members and other challenges – there have been a fair few changes that have changed the way that families operate in the eyes of family law.


We have continued to advise and support our clients during these highly difficult times and in some cases – have seen clients and families having to adapt to the difficulties that have been presented to us this year. From changing visitation agreements to approaching the divorce process – we are able to support you and advise you during this understandably difficult time. This article discusses some of the aspects of family law that has changed over the past year and how this may affect and change family law cases in the future.


We are family law solicitors in Cardiff with a huge amount of experience supporting our clients with a wide range of family law-related claims. With the difficulties that have arisen in 2020, we have also had to adapt to the various changes and challenges that have been presented to families across the country. We are able to tailor the advice provided to ensure that you are fully supported during these strange and uncertain times.


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Changes to Visitation Agreements


As of writing, it’s looking more and more likely that a second lockdown may occur. When the first lockdown was introduced, there were a number of things that changed life as we know it. With one of the main aspects of the lockdown being households not being able to mix – this caused visitation issues which are still causing headaches today. Should a second lockdown occur – these issues will occur again, therefore, it’s important to consider the following should you have visitation agreements in place.


  • Decisions should always be made for your children(s) best interests. However, there may be some households with vulnerable family members, therefore, it’s unsafe for mixing of households especially if there are now two-family units. Considerations should therefore be made for children to stay in the best home possible for their safety.
  • Should visitation agreements change, it’s recommended to have a copy of these changes recorded. This can support you if visitation agreements are not being met. If you have had to change visitation so that a child can no longer physically see a parent – the relevant arrangements need to be made to contact via email, call or video conference.
  • The pandemic may have caused additional stress in your child’s life. Uncertainties about the world, education and disruption of schooling can cause psychological problems or trauma so you need to bear this in mind when reaching agreements for your children.
  • Do not argue about issues in front of your children. It is an understandably frustrating and difficult time but it is best to be composed in front of them and have discussions about their arrangements without them being present.


Changes to the Way Cases are Approached

COVID & Family Law Cases

There have been numerous changes to everyday life and this has also affected the way in which cases are approached. You may have seen coverage of restricted courtrooms and court cases being conducted via video conference and this is the norm for certain cases. In terms of visiting a family law solicitor to discuss your case – there are a number of ways that you can arrange to discuss your case.


  • You can arrange for a face-to-face meeting if you are happy to do so.
  • You can arrange for a telephone or conference call in which you can discuss your case.
  • You can join the meeting via video link to discuss your case remotely.


Our solicitors have had to adapt to these issues and can discuss your case using the main methods above. We are more than happy to discuss all of your individual requirements and will work with you to support you during this difficult time.


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