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Family Mediation CardiffWhen faced with a family law dispute such as agreements made with finances or arrangements regarding your children then family mediation can be a very effective tool to reach an amicable solution. As this will be a very emotional time, it can bring clarity and structure to the situation to be on the same page with the other party when trying to make decisions. Failure to reach agreements can understandably happen and if this leads to the need to attend court then this can be a very lengthy and stressful process. Hurlows Family Law Practice have many years of experience supporting our clients in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. Our solicitors are members of Resolution and always strive to reduce conflict at this emotive time. In this article, we will discuss why family mediation is important in a dispute or relationship breakdown as well as how we will strive to act as mediators during a relationship breakdown. Should you be considering family mediation in Cardiff or if you find that you may require family law solicitors in Cardiff then ensure that you contact Hurlows Family Law Practice today or telephone our team now on: 029 2039 6087

Mediation During a Relationship Breakdown

Should a relationship breakdown occur then it’s understandable that you may not be on amicable terms with the other party that is involved. Although it may seem highly difficult to agree, this can be beneficial for reducing the emotion and stress of the situation. Family mediation can also help you to reach informed decisions that both agree with. Financial agreements are often one of the most disputed aspects of a divorce or separation as it is only fair that a fair agreement is made regarding finances. Disputes or disagreements involving children also may see benefit from family mediation as agreements regarding children are first agreed and can be agreed outside of court without the need to attend court. Should a resolution not be reached then again you will be required to attend court. Attending court is a lengthy process that can end in high costs and highly negative emotions towards the other party. Family mediation is highly recommended to attempt to avoid this as well as to ensure that an amicable solution or agreement can be reached.

Hurlows Family Law Practice as Family Law Mediators

As aforementioned, our team are members of Resolution and are highly qualified to act as mediators in your case. Whether you are attempting to reach an agreement regarding your finances or visitation arrangements for children then our solicitors can help and advise you. Your case is very likely to be different as every case is unique to the individual. It’s likely however that we have represented one of our clients that has been in a similar situation or have a similar case to yours. We can use our extensive experience and understanding of family law to offer you support and advice as well as offer effective mediation services to ensure that an agreement can be reached. Resolving conflict is of the utmost importance during a family dispute, separation or divorce and family mediation is an effective way to attempt to resolve conflict. Of course, some situations may continue after mediation as no agreement can be made. Should this be the case then our solicitors will support you throughout the entire process, representing you as our client should you require this and offering you highly relevant legal advice.

How Can Mediation Aid in Your Case?

Family Mediation Advice Cardiff

The February edition of our blog investigates how mediation can aid your case as well as how the mediation process works within family law.

Contrary to what may be assumed from the term ‘mediation’ this process is not designed to act as counselling to resolve relationship issues. Mediation aims to reach amicable agreements when two individuals separate. This is a flexible discussion in which the mediator is present to ensure that your discussion is fair, constructive and that both are allowed to have their say. This tactic of mediation can be used to agree financial settlements or arrangements regarding your children as these may be impossible to agree on without the help of a mediator. Rather than a counseling service, mediation is designed to reach an agreement on any issues that arise after a divorce or separation is finalised. During the mediation process, the mediator takes notes on what is agreed as well as acts as a neutral person to ensure that discussion stays constructive and that viable agreements are made. The mediator is also able to advise on all legal matters and how this applies to the case. In this situation, you can reach decisions that are legally binding as well as decisions that are supported by the law. Once an agreement has been reached (if an agreement is made through the mediation process) then this can be drawn up as a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ which can then be processed as the necessary legal papers that are required to reach the agreement agreed.

Does Mediation Help In the Long Term?

Mediation can be used to reach a legally binding agreement, an agreement that both parties agree on. This at least makes the decision (somewhat) easier to tolerate by both parties as they have come to an amicable solution. If mediation does not work and no agreement is made then you can progress through court as they will have the authority to judge and reach a legally binding verdict on finances as well as arrangements for children. Mediation, as discussed, is a recommended first step as if an agreement is reached, you will not have to go to court and can have the relevant legal documents drawn up and submitted to court. A lengthy court battle will start to incur costs and can also increase negative emotions between both parties and their families. Mediation will not always work in some cases however it’s a viable first step to begin discussions in trying to reach an amicable solution. No matter the outcome, the team at Hurlows Family Law Practice will also be able to advise and support you on your best steps going forward after the mediation process. We can act as mediators in a neutral and legal sense to attempt to reach an agreement with both parties. Should an agreement not be able to be established, then we can represent you further in your case to ensure that you receive a fair outcome from your case.

Mediation Explained

Family Mediation Advice Cardiff

The June edition of our family mediation article explains the mediation process and how you can use this process to make arrangements after a separation or divorce.

As members of Resolution, the team of solicitors at Hurlows Family Law Practice are able to refer you to Mediation and advise you throughout the process. The aim of mediation is to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties as this can be difficult depending on the circumstances of the divorce or separation. As mediation is required to reach a solution without going to court, it’s often adopted to save on legal costs. This isn’t just important for the costs required, lengthy court battles can breakdown relations even further and can cause resentment between both parties and their families. As the situation is understandably very stressful and an emotional time, court proceedings may increase these feelings even further. We will always strive to reduce conflict and using mediation is a step that can be taken to try to reach an agreement. Resolution’s members are family lawyers as well as other professionals who are committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. The Code of Practice that is established by Resolution promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems which consider the needs of the entire family rather than the individuals who are involved. This is especially important when acting in the best interests of children as they often take the brunt of relationship breakdowns that do not end amicably. We understand that not all separations or divorces will end amicably as there are certain situations in which it may be impossible to reach a fair resolution but we will endeavour to mediate wherever possible. Should an amicable solution not be able to be established, we will support you throughout your case with emotional support, legal advice and legal representation.

Are There Other Ways to Resolve Conflict?

Although mediation is the most common way to try and resolve conflict, there are other paths that can be taken when trying to reach an agreement. When children are not involved and there are not major financial choices to be made then you may find that it’s not required to have to go to court. Court proceedings are usually used to resolve conflict and reach a resolution should a fair resolution be impossible. Financial agreements again may be brought to be agreed and arrangements for children must be agreed outside of court before they can be discussed within court. Other methods include having a Pre-Nuptial Agreement signed before your marriage takes place. This ensures that there is a legal document deciding what happens to finances should a separation or divorce occur. This can bring clarity to a difficult situation as you have the legally binding agreement already agreed. We can help you during your case that involves family law. We will also support you every step of the way during your case and will advise you with all of the available options that are available to reach a fair resolution for you and your family.

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Family Mediation Near Me CardiffFamily mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes should you not be in agreement with specific arrangements during a separation or divorce. Should you feel as if you may require family mediation then the next step is to contact one of our team. Hurlows Family Law Practice are available to advise and support you during this difficult time and our mediation services will endeavour to attempt to reach an amicable resolution. Should you also require our services and support past this point then we will also offer our advice to you. Should you require family mediation near me in Cardiff or if you feel that you need the advice or support of family law solicitors in Cardiff then contact Hurlows Family Law Practice online today or telephone our team now on: 029 2039 6087

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