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Financial Agreements & Divorce

The divorce process is likely an emotive and difficult time for you and your family. As family law is heavily involved in divorce law and legislation, family law solicitors are well equipped to advise and support you during a separation & divorce. Although you are not necessarily required to have an understanding of family law, having a qualified professional that can offer you up-to-date legal information in your corner is highly valuable. It can lessen the stress of the divorce process as well as ensure that you understand all of the potential issues that you may face. The team at Hurlows Family Law Practice has represented our clients in divorce cases for many years. In this article, we discuss family law & the divorce process. If you require more information on family law or the divorce process then enquire with Hurlows Family Law Practice today or telephone our team today on: 029 2039 6087

Reducing Conflict During the Divorce Process

As the divorce process can cause a great deal of conflict and disagreement, it’s important to take steps to reduce conflict and to try and reach an agreement before having to go down routes such as having to take a relationship breakdown to court. It’s highly important to also consider how Family Law applies to your case and how this may change your situation. Grounds for divorce are an example in which you will need to consider family law regarding your rights to divorce. A divorce cannot be filed until a couple has been married for one year and the person who starts proceedings must prove that the marriage has broken down and this is irreversible. You must also cite one reason for divorce including adultery, desertion, separation for 2 years with both parties agreeing to divorce or 5 years which does not require the other partner to agree for divorce. This has received recent attention in the media with ’no fault’ reforms being called for by organisations and Petitioners which would seek to move away from having to blame another person for a relationship breakdown and could lead to a more amicable separation and divorce.

Support & Guidance During a Divorce

Support and guidance during a divorce is also a very beneficial aspect as there are a lot of areas to consider and emotions may be understandably running high. The guidance and support of a family law solicitor is highly beneficial as you have a professional solicitor or team of solicitors to support you during this difficult time. There also are updates within legislation which may require up-to-date legal advice which a family law solicitor can provide to you. Aiming to reduce conflict during the divorce process is also important to aim for an amicable resolution as well as to reduce costs. Lengthy disputes may lead to increased animosity and hefty legal fees and this is why family law solicitors aim reduce conflict and try to reach an amicable resolution for both parties. Of course this may not always be the result but it’s important for to attempt every means of resolution before having to resort to a dispute in court.

Find Out More About Family Law & the Divorce Process

Family Law & Divorce

Should you require more information on family law and the divorce process then it is highly recommended to speak to a family law solicitor. Hurlows Family Law Practice specialises solely in family law which allows us to focus on family law and offer up-to-date knowledge. The divorce process is one of the most important cases of your life and it’s important that you reach a fair outcome regarding your separation and divorce, a fair resolution regarding finances after a divorce and fair arrangements for your children if you have children. Should you require more information about family law & the divorce process then it’s highly recommended to contact a family law solicitor who is specialised in the field of family law. They can offer relevant and supportive information around the subject of divorce as well as representing you should you have to attend court. To find out more information on family law & divorce proceedings, enquire online using a contact form on our website or telephone Hurlows Family Law Practice today on: 029 2039 6087

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