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Family Law

As the legal field of Family Law is highly complex, you will likely be looking for information about the various areas of Family Law that are relevant to your case. You may also be interested in learning about general information on the subject. As this area of the law is also constantly changing, you will definitely want access to up-to-date information around Family Law. In this article, we will discuss the various areas that are included within ‘Family Law’ as well as what you may need to consider should you have an issue that involves Family Law. If you require more information in regards to Family Law or if you are looking specifically for Family Law advice then enquire with Hurlows Family Law Practice using a contact form on our website or telephone a member of our team of Family Law solicitors today by telephoning: 029 2039 6087

Areas of Family Law

Family Law is the area of law that deals with domestic relations and family matters. This encompasses a range of situations or issues such as marriage, adopting children, paternity and divorce. Within divorce, other areas interlink for example arrangements for finances and children. When dealing with an issue within Family Law, it’s important to consider which area of Family Law is specific to your case as well as the implications of this. Hiring a Family Law solicitor is a great way to get access to the relevant legal advice that you may need for your case. Working with a specialised Family Law solicitor (such as the solicitors at Hurlows Family Law Practice), you are able to have access to a wealth of information to help you during your case.

Family Law & Divorce

Divorce is a large area within Family Law as there are a lot of considerations to make and arrangements to make when making a decision on your divorce. Divorce is a very emotionally charged and stressful time and it can often feel like the whole world is against you. Combine this with the complex maze of legal considerations and this can make divorce a very difficult process indeed. This is why seeking the advice of a divorce solicitor is a good idea because you may need support and legal advice during the divorce process.

Arrangements for Children

There’s a range of arrangements for children that are also included under the umbrella of Family Law. Making arrangements for children during a divorce means deciding where the children will live and when they’ll spend time with each parent. A solicitor can make the agreement legally binding and you can also agree on child maintenance at the same time or after you have made the agreements after a divorce. In order to help in making these decisions, a parenting plan can be drawn up or you can use mediation to try and reach an amicable decision. If a decision cannot be made after mediation or other means then court can intervene but you must provide them with evidence that you have tried to reach an agreement through mediation or another method before applying to court. Certain cases will not require you to provide evidence (such as if you have been a subject of domestic abuse.) Family Law also governs adoption of children and social services can also become involved in some cases. Social services involvement can be an emotional and challenging time for any family. Family Law solicitors can help you with social services involvement. The experienced child care team at Hurlows Family Law Practice can help you by advising about your rights and making sure that you know the options that are available to you. We will support you during this difficult time where you may feel that you are alone.

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Family Law Advice

Family Law can be very confusing as the Law changes frequently and often the cases that are related to Family Law are very emotional and difficult. If you do require more information on Family Law then it’s important to speak to a solicitor to find out your options. Hurlows Family Law Practice has offered Family Law services in Cardiff for many years. We can advise you on the options that you have available and will offer you both emotional and legal support. If you do require more information on Family Law or if you are looking for Family Law advice then enquire with Hurlows Family Law Practice today or telephone our team directly now by telephoning: 029 2039 6087

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