For those interested in family law in Cardiff, this article investigates how cases can be decided and give a brief explanation of the steps involved in a variety of different types of family law scenarios.


Firstly, let’s look at some typical types of family law that is practiced in Cardiff by specialised family law solicitors. The most common areas that a family law solicitor will deal with are based around either divorce or relationship breakdowns, financial disputes and access or custody of children. In all of these legal areas, the situation often involves two parties who have totally different views and find it hard to get to a middle ground. The best advice that you could receive from a family law solicitor from the outset is to try, between yourselves, to resolve any differences and if that is not possible then try mediation to see if that will help. Often the side more willing to try and resolve a problem rather than take a legal route straight away can be looked upon more favourably by a judge when it comes to a decision further down the line. That said we know that often relationships could have broken down to such a poor state, especially where children, money or adultery are involved.


Family Law Cases Involving Children


A family law case involving children will have different aims and outcomes to one that is between just adults. In any case where the child’s or children’s welfare comes into play then this must take top priority for the legal representatives and the legal decision-makers so, please bear that in mind before you bring a case to a family law solicitor. It’s often something that a parent or parents may, without knowing they are, not fully be attentive to and this can lead to decisions being made purely based on protecting the children in question.


With the average case in a divorce settlement, you can often resolve this outside of legal representation for under £1000. If, between you, you can both resolve issues you can end up saving an average of £15,000 if you don’t have to hire a family law specialist and end up in court so, please try everything you can to do resolve things amicably yourselves. At Hurlow’s family law practice in Cardiff, this is our first and favourite bit of advice but if it’s not possible then, as experts in all types of family law we are here to help you. On occasions, we can be involved at the start of family law cases but not needed towards the end as our advice was able to guide both parties to an amicable solution without the need to end up on a court date.


Financial Settlements in Divorce Cases

Family Law Cases Explained

In some family law cases, the focus can be much more on a financial settlement. Maybe there is equity in a house or property and items of value purchased by one side or the other. There are many cases of additional family members getting involved should two families part ways, generational inheritance for example can be a very common area where two sets of people can disagree strongly on who is entitled to what when a split happens. One of the ways in which a good family law solicitor can help is by advising at the beginning of a relationship rather than at the end. Documents such as prenuptial agreements and declarations of trust can set out the framework for any future situation if the worst happens. It can also in some cases stop partnerships from ever get off the ground as the reason for the relationship becomes clear right at the start!!


Whatever type of dispute you have within the family law umbrella it’s almost bound to become an emotional subject for both parties, money, children and relationship breakdowns can often see the highest level of personal feelings arise when two parties enter a discussion, and we realise that, but it’s often in your interest to be less emotional and more practical and factual as within the legal sector these are the most powerful arguments and will help win your case.


Resolving Disputes Regarding Finances or Children


For disputes involving children there can be many different areas that a family law solicitor would need to advise you on such as where the child or children should live, will they have access to both parents and grandparents as well as any extended family on either side. Would parents be expected to have different parental responsibilities based on their jobs, location or particular sets of skills? Who represents the children in the future if you cannot agree between you on certain decisions? Imagine something as small as a school residential trip that one parent is happy for the child to attend but one parent is dead against the idea, who decides? The children’s future will be full of these relatively minor decisions but as a feuding couple, there may never be a time that you will agree with each other so in any agreement made by a family law solicitor these legal requirements to be able to make decisions must be set out within the framework of the agreement from the start.


Until recently, and hopefully, to return in the near future, the World has been getting smaller meaning that people are making choices about where they may want to live and, of course, if parents who have separated but have children may well find themselves either trying to take a child or children to live with them in a foreign country or find themselves trying to stop an ex-partner taking children abroad. Even for family law solicitors this type of case can be difficult to resolve to everyone’s satisfaction and can take months, even years to resolve so if you have any idea that this may be something that will affect you, please let your family law solicitor know right away. It’s commonplace now in the UK that two adults originally born in two separate countries can get together and have children, which may well end up as being an issue should a split happen in the future.


We hope that this article around family law cases has given you a little insight into how the industry works and if you ever find yourself in the unenviable situation of having to split with a partner then it’s given you some advice to digest. Thanks for reading our article on family law in Cardiff.

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