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Family Law in Cardiff Investigated by Hurlows Family Law Practice

Hurlows Family Law Practice is an experienced family law practice in Cardiff. We specialise in family law situations including divorce advice, legal separation, child custody, and divorce with children. If you’re looking for legal advice on family law or would like to discuss shared custody or full custody, contact us today on 029 2039 6087. We’re the go-to family law solicitors in Cardiff with over 30 years of combined experience.

Family Law solicitors in Cardiff

As an experienced and respectable family law solicitor, we have been serving the Cardiff and South Wales region for over 15 years. The work we carry out for clients has been recognised by authoritative legal bodies, which is why we’re Lexcel credited – only awarded to those law firms who achieve the very highest management and customer standards.


Child custody solicitor

Understanding the many difficult dimensions of family law requires a team of professional and experienced solicitors. With all of our solicitors specialising in family law, we understand the difficulties that families face and will help you find the best outcome in a compassionate and professional manner. Each case we work with his unique and we understand that it is the most difficult and important time in your life. Every one of our solicitors is caring and compassionate with every case they manage, so you can expect to be taken care of when filing for divorce.

We aim to minimise any conflict and protect your children in divorce cases. On the occasions when children are involved, we are aware of the emotionally difficult times ahead and can provide expert advice regarding family law, shared custody or full custody, and divorce with children. Managing your arrangements after the initial divorce proceedings have commenced is difficult. Having other family members look after the children at times of family dispute or relationship breakdown is a good idea, and we are often asked for legal advice on grandparent’s rights.

Children in Divorce

Deciding on where your child should live prior to the separation agreement is often at the centre of a dispute and we can provide you with extensive information and guidance on how to proceed legally and achieve an outcome best suited to your children. Children and their wellbeing during divorce proceedings are of great importance, and whether your decisions to move forward with shared custody or full custody, Hurlows Family Law Practice will be there to guide you through the process.

If you are looking to leave the country during divorce proceedings, the only way in which this will be legally possible is if any other adult with parental responsibility provides permission to do so. It is often most difficult for children in divorce and moving away is often decided by an application submitted to the courts if child custody agreements cannot be met. We are well experienced in these sorts of situations and can be there to best advise on how to apply to the courts.

Advice Regarding Family Law

The October edition of our blog on family law investigates how you can seek family law advice when you should require this.

Family Law CardiffIf you are in a situation that requires family law advice then this is understandably a difficult time. Although you may feel as if everything may be against you, there are many people to assist you and offer valid advice. Family law solicitors offer a huge amount of support as well as relevant legal advice which is hugely beneficial during this time. Not only are family law solicitors available to offer you support and advice, they are also available to take you through all of the options that are available to you during a dispute. This can range from offering legal representation for court proceedings and creating legal documents to offering mediation services. Maintaining good relationships after a dispute is important especially regarding the wellbeing of your children. Should children not be involved then maintaining an amicable relationship is still important. This is because it will make the separation or divorce process a lot more smooth in the long run. Not only is an ongoing dispute straining emotionally, it can also have huge financial implications if the process is stretched over an extended period of time. There are some situations in which this not possible such as disagreeable circumstances or circumstances including finances and arrangements for your children. Mediation may still be appropriate in these situations but these situations also may require the intervention of court. Hurlows Family Law Practice has many years of experience representing our clients in court and offering mediation services. We can support you using this to ensure that you have the legal representation and mediation services available that you may require.

Family Arrangements Within Separation or Divorce

Making arrangements regarding family arrangements can be a very sensitive issue. Disagreements often occur making these decisions with both financial and arrangements regarding your children. Visitation arrangements are an aspect of divorce or separation that can see disputes or disagreements. When making decisions on visitation rights, it’s important to have the support and advice of a family law solicitor. As it’s extremely important to act in the best interests of your children, it’s highly advised to seek legal representation for these situations. In regards to financial agreements, you should seriously consider the representation of a legal representative or family law solicitor. Seeking the advice of a family law solicitor is also extremely beneficial as they have a vast amount of experience in dealing with all aspects of divorce and separation. Although your case is unique to you, there may be cases that are similar to yours which advice and support can be drawn from. Should you feel that you require the advice of a highly qualified family law solicitor then contact the team at Hurlows Family Law Practice. We will prioritise your case and offer you the utmost in support and guidance during one of the most important cases of your life with compassion and empathy.

Family Law & Financial Settlements

The November edition of our blog investigates the way that family law governs financial settlements as well as agreements made after a separation or divorce.

Divorce Lawyers CardiffWhen looking towards financial agreements and settlements, family law is very important in the ways in which settlements can be upheld and enforced after they have become legally binding. This is to protect the party that has financial settlements put in place to ensure that they are supported by a separation or divorce. When a financial agreement is being negotiated, family law is also prevalent in these negotiations. When looking to reach agreements such as cohabitee property disputes, family law and family law solicitors are extremely important in reaching an agreement. This is a complex area of the law in which taking legal advice is highly recommended. Should you not be ready to proceed with the divorce process in full then a separation can be carried out to deal with your financial affairs before carrying out a divorce. Financial agreements are one of the most important aspects of a divorce or separation and can often be the area that is the most disputed. Reaching a financial agreement is an important aspect due to the fact that it allows you to prepare for the future and start to think about life after a separation. Not only is this important, reaching a fair settlement is also required to lessen the stress of the divorce or separation process. Arranging for financial agreements also brings clarity to this very unclear time and allows you to plan ahead.

Other Financial Agreements & Additional Aspects of Family Law

There are other financial agreements that can be made before a wedding is carried out. An agreement that is becoming more and more popular is a Pre-Nuptial agreement. This agreement is set up to arrange for financial settlements and agreements should a divorce or separation occur. This agreement is legally binding and ensures that a clear distribution of finances and assets after a divorce. This also ensures that you are fully supported at the end of a marriage or that your partner is properly supported should you separate. The often most critical issue to resolve and one that often drives divorce proceedings and disputes is agreements regarding finances. This is where a family law solicitor can be highly supportive and helpful during financial agreements. In the ideal scenario, agreements are made once the decision for separation has been reached and they are agreed amicably. Then these agreements can be passed onto the court to be legally binding. Should this not be the case which can often happen when you may need to visit court to argue against another party to receive a fair financial settlement for example. You could also be claiming the opposite and that you have offered a fair amount of assets and that you are being asked for an unfair amount of contributions. These disputes often see court which can be a very lengthy and drawn out process. The issue with this is that it increases the stress of the already stressful situation as well as increasing costs substantially.

Family Law & Court Disputes

The December edition of our Family Law article discusses the role that family law has to play in disputes as well as within court proceedings.

Law Solicitor Advice CardiffFamily law also has a large role to play in the settlements that need to be reached before going to court. Due to the fact that there a many sensitive subjects and situations that family law covers, there are many different situations in which family law and the assistance of a family law solicitor can be used to directly avoid court confrontations. With financial agreements as we previously investigated, the intervention and advice of a family law solicitor is invaluable in regards to ensuring that you reach a fair financial settlement. This aspect of the law can be very difficult when facing court. Should one party be set to hold more assets after a divorce, they may be able to sustain a lengthy court battle financially. As this is a costly route to follow, reaching agreements regarding your finances before going to court ensures that fair distribution of assets is agreed. Alternatively, at the beginning of a marriage; legal agreements such as a pre-nuptial agreement can also be created with a family law solicitor. Again this is a good example of how family law often aims to avoid court disputes. These agreements set in-stone financial agreements should a divorce or separation occur, thus avoiding a court case from having to agree about financial agreements. But what other aspects is family law closely related to in regards to representation and the law?

Further Disputes That Are Relative to Family Law

Family law also covers other areas outside of divorce. In regards to agreements regarding children, family law also covers the areas of adoption and foster care. Whether you are looking to adopt a child or are arranging to have your child adopted then family law is also relevant in this regard. Involvement with social services can be a very upsetting and difficult time, especially if a child is being adopted against your wishes. Hurlows Family Law Practice can offer you advice and support during this difficult time and can represent you whether your child is being adopted against your wishes or if you wish to adopt a child. When social services are taking you to court then we can also represent you. A parent is also entitled for free legal aid for these types of court proceedings and any other family can also be considered for funding. You may also receive a letter requesting for a meeting with social services. If you are summoned in this way then it is highly recommended to have a solicitor present and we can represent you during these meetings. You may also qualify for free legal aid to cover for these meetings and we can advise you on this further. You may even find yourself wondering why social services are involved with your family in the first place. We can speak to social services on your behalf to ensure that you are fairly represented.

Divorce Advice and Legal Separation

Cardiff Family LawAt Hurlows Family Law Practice we understand how stressful it can be filing for a divorce and planning a separation agreement. As professional experts in family law, we can provide comprehensive advice on your next steps and their potential outcomes. We can help draw up a separation agreement, or provide extensive divorce advice if you wish to pursue legal matters yourself. If you own a property with the person in which you are filing for divorce with, there are often disputes about how to deal with this when ending a relationship. This area of law is very complex and we recommend seeking divorce advice from a family law solicitors.

The other area in which legal advice is most recommended is financial settlements. This is one of the most important aspects of a separation as being able to sustain yourself financially after the separation is important, especially if you are looking for shared custody or full custody of your children. For more information on our family law solicitors in Cardiff, call us today on 029 2039 6087 or visit our legal offices in Cardiff. We’re expert child custody solicitors who have over 30 years of experience in family law. We have a proven track record when it comes to family law, and can advise and support you through custody disputes and the legal separation process.

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