Family Law Advice – A Comprehensive Guide

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Due to recent events, you may be looking for family law advice. As many businesses are currently not in operation, you may be looking for updated and relevant legal advice that suits you. 


We have recently updated our COVID-19 policy which you can find using the relevant link or popup on our website. We are able to advise you during these difficult times and offer you all of the advice that you need either via telephone or email. Should you have an urgent case that you wish to discuss – we can also arrange for a meeting at our offices adhering to social distancing guidelines.


This article is tailored to offer easy to digest family law advice. We will cover all of the major areas of family law as well as offer advice relating to each area of family law to help you if you are looking for certain advice. 


If you require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today by using an online contact form on our website or telephone now.


Advice Regarding Divorce


You may be looking for specialist advice on divorce. As the divorce process was set to change in government legislation, we are able to offer you specific advice on the divorce process should this change in the near future. However, with recent events putting a hold on legislation – it’s not looking like the proposed changes in divorce law will be happening anytime soon so current advice is recommended to be followed.


Although unfortunately, divorce rates have seen to increase around the world (reportedly in China & America,) this does not necessarily mean that this will happen across the world. However, recent events may have put strains on certain relationships but more prevalently – current arrangements in divorce settlements/agreements.


Child Visitation Rights & Arrangements


Adaptations are having to be made in all aspects of life and this has definitely affected family living, family life and how families operate. As children are likely living with one designated parent if divorce arrangements are in place – it’s important that contact is arranged whether via telephone or video conference. As this has been a difficult time for all – it’s important to adhere strictly to any legal agreements and ensure that these are met.


Arrangements for children can be one of the most tumultuous and acrimonious part of a divorce as well as making arrangements for finances. Options such as mediation are often used to try and reach agreements such as child visitation arrangements and legal arrangements regarding finances. This is why it is vital to strictly follow these agreements once they are agreed.


Advice Regarding Social Service Involvement

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It’s understandably worrying and frustrating when social services become involved with your family. You may have questions surrounding why they have become involved with your family and what the processes are when they become involved. There are several bodies and relevant professionals or people in positions of care that may alert the authorities or social services if they have any particular concerns which may lead to them becoming involved. 


You may receive communications such as letters that invite you to a meeting with social services. It is strongly recommended that you take a solicitor with you for these meetings and you can qualify for legal aid for this. When social services are taking you to court, we can represent you. A parent is entitled to free legal aid for these court proceedings, and any other family member can also be considered for funding.


We are also able to support you in issues relating to social services when a child is in care. 


If you require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today by using an online contact form on our website or telephone now.

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