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If you are looking for advice on how to get a divorce, Hurlows Family Law Practice has provided legal advice for a wide range of legal separation cases. We specialise in family law and have extensive experience in divorce with children. Our experienced solicitors are experts when it comes to the divorce process and can guide you through how to get divorced. So, if you’re looking for divorce solicitors in Cardiff, call our family law practice today on 029 2039 6087 or visit us at our Cardiff offices.

Divorce solicitors in Cardiff

When a relationship breaks down, it becomes very difficult for everyone involved. Emotions can be running high, and managing the divorce process can be extremely stressful. At Hurlows, we can help by providing legal aid and legal advice on the divorce process, and how to get divorced.

Divorce with children

As you know, getting a divorce is difficult for everyone involved, especially your children. Specialising in family law, we can provide sound legal advice on your options, and work together to achieve the best outcome. The early stages of divorce can be very stressful and filing divorce papers can be difficult. Our initial case review will identify the best divorce process to take and take into consideration divorce with children. We can prepare divorce forms and provide basic legal advice if you wish to conduct proceedings yourself.

It can be tough when coming to an agreement with your children and is often seen in cases of divorce with children after relationships have broken down and there is little communication. It can become an emotionally overwhelming time in the divorce process and our experienced team of family law solicitors are here to provide you with the legal advice you need. We can discuss initial contact disputes and arrange for your child to live with another family member throughout the divorce process.

Legal advice on the divorce process

After initial case review, you can decide on the divorce process based on the legal advice we provide. As an extremely well establish legal aid firm, our expert services surrounding family law is recognised by the Legal Aid Agency. We will also assess your financial circumstances to determine whether or not you qualify for legal aid. In cases where you will qualify for legal aid, your fees will be paid for on behalf of the Legal Aid Agency whilst we represent you throughout the divorce process.

We normally start out with an initial 20-minute free interview where we discuss how you want to manage the funding of your divorce and how to get a divorce moving forward. Whether you’re looking for basic legal advice or want to know more about the divorce process, we can provide you with estimates on how much legal process will cost. This will allow you to maintain a clear image at every stage of the legal process and assist in getting you legal aid where applicable.

Family law

If you are a parent, or somebody with legal parental responsibility for a child & are in some way involved in court proceedings issued by social services, you become automatically entitled to Legal Aid, regardless of if you are in employment. In any case, when we provide you with legal advice or divorce advice, we will assess your financial circumstances to see if you qualify for legal aid. Throughout the divorce process, we can revisit your financial situation to see if there becomes an opportunity to apply for legal aid. If you are unsure financially and are looking for legal advice, please get help today and contact one of our solicitors for a no obligation, free case review.

As family law specialists, we can support you throughout this difficult time.   From initial consultation of legal advice to filing divorce papers and preparing for legal separation. Our solicitors will be by your side every step of the way. On occasions, the divorce process can lead to court proceedings, and our solicitors experienced in court proceeds can be there to represent you to achieve the best outcome. If you would like to know more about how to get a divorce or are getting a divorce and feel like you need legal representation, contact us today on 029 2039 6087 and find out why we’re one of the best divorce solicitors in Cardiff.