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Divorce and Children Advice in Cardiff

Divorce and Children Advice in CardiffWhilst deciding on having a divorce is very difficult, financial aspects and especially aspects regarding your children make it an extremely difficult and challenging process. The well being of children is often at the forefront of proceedings and it is very understandable that you will be making most decisions with your children in mind. When going through the divorce procedure, having the advice of a family law solicitor can let you know your legal rights and responsibilities as well as allow you to draft and bind documents that cement your decisions regarding your children legally. This article will discuss your rights and responsibilities as parents as well as how legal advice can help and bind your agreements with your spouse. If you are looking for divorce advice solicitors in Cardiff or if you are looking for divorce and children advice in Cardiff then be sure to visit Hurlows Family Law Practice today or call us on: 029 2039 6087.

Parental Rights & Parental Responsibility

Parental responsibility is the right to make decisions in your children’s life such as choices regarding their education and their religion. All mothers automatically receive parental responsibility when a child is born and fathers are subject to special considerations. If you as the father were married at the time of your child/children’s birth then you also have parental responsibility immediately at birth. If you child was born after 1 December 2003 and you are named in the birth certificate then you also have parental responsibility. If your child or children were born before this date then only the mother received automatic parental responsibility. If you do not have parental responsibility then our team can help you go through the procedure to help you claim this and this can help you have an influence on the choices made on behalf of your children. During the divorce process, you will also need to make arrangements as to payments of support as well as custody agreements of when correspondence can be carried out.

Value of Legal Advice & Representation

There is a large amount of value in being represented by us or having us available to advise you when you are carrying out decisions regarding your children during your divorce. When agreements are proposed regarding payments for child maintenance as well as agreements on when to see your children, it is very much important to have a legal representative or solicitor to help you through these agreements. These can be agreed during with a binding legal document which we can help you with. Signing a document like this with both spouses signing results in a binding document which sets out clear guidelines and this can also help with the process. Having a binding agreement also results in these arrangements being compulsory which can protect your rights as a parent. Agreeing with where your children will live as well as how long they will spend with each parent will result in this aspect not having to be discussed in court and making this legally binding further increases the validity of this agreement. There are no legal documents required to arrange the time spent with your children and where they live so it is often beneficial to sign a binding legal document confirming these arrangements. If an agreement cannot be made for any reason, we can also represent you in court and help you with the proceedings on how to discuss and progress these aspects further.

Contact Us If You Require Divorce & Children Advice in Cardiff

Arrangements regarding your finances and arrangements regarding your children are often the most difficult aspects of your divorce. Your children are especially important and we are here to help and advise you on where you stand legally and how you can reach the best agreement for the wellbeing of your children. Our professional team are available to help with court proceedings if you require them, can advise you on how to request parental responsibility if you do not currently have this and we can also help you to sign legal agreements to confirm arrangements for where your children live and when parents can see them. If you require divorce advice in Cardiff or if you are looking for divorce and children advice in Cardiff then be sure to visit us today or give us a call on: 029 2039 6087.