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Divorce CardiffGoing through the process of a divorce is one of the most difficult and stressful times of your life and sometimes you may just want the support of someone that’s in your corner. Whether you feel that you require emotional support or support legally, a solicitor can help you express your thoughts whilst also knowing where you stand legally. If possible, it is ideal to reach an amicable solution instead of a drawn-out court battle and this is also how a solicitor can help you during the divorce process. A solicitor can also represent you if court proceedings do have to take place and can advise you on financial settlements and other aspects regarding your finances. Hurlows Family Law Practice has supported clients through divorce proceedings and other difficult family law matters for many years, offering impartial advice to our clients. In this article, we will discuss how we can help you during this difficult time as well as the situations in which you should definitely look to work with a family law solicitor. If you are looking for family law solicitors in Cardiff then be sure to contact Hurlows Family Law Practice today or call us now on: 029 2039 6087

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Do You Need a Solicitor When Going Through a Divorce?

Should you be unsure about where you stand legally, you will always find benefits in seeking legal advice when going through a divorce. There are certain aspects of a divorce such as disputes regarding children and financial agreements. These situations are recommended to seek the representation and guidance of a family law solicitor as they can act in your best interests to reach a fair settlement. Although the divorce process can be carried out by submitting the relevant documents without the aid of a solicitor, amicable divorces where an insignificant split in finances and no children are the cases which usually see no disputes or resistances. Should disputes occur regarding any aspect of the separation process then it’s highly recommended to give our team a call. We can represent you and aid with the documentation as well as represent you in court if this route has to be taken. We can offer mediation and endeavor to do this to avoid costly drawn-out court battles that increase the stress exerted on you during this difficult time. If you are filing for a divorce then a certain situation must have happened in order for you to proceed with the divorce. We can advise you on if these situations are the case and how to proceed.

Divorce Requirements & Separation

In our August section of our divorce advice article, we investigate the requirements for a divorce as well as the options available to you such as separation.

Divorce Petition CardiffThere is a myriad of processes that must be partaken which make the very stressful and emotional time of divorce much more difficult. Knowing what must be done to apply for a divorce can bring clarity to the situation and let you plan going forwards. The benefits of working with a solicitor are that you have an individual who can advise you on what is required as well as file or submit the paperwork that you need to send to court. Mediation is also a course that you can take to get help on agreeing on certain issues. This can be used to start a discussion with both parties as well as avoid having to take certain agreements to court. This can be a very lengthy and costly process adding more stress to the situation, as previously discussed. Separation can be a starting point before preparing for the divorce process. It’s also important to bear in mind the grounds for a divorce. The five grounds for divorce are unreasonable behavior, adultery, desertion, living apart for more than 2 years and if you like apart for at least 5 years even if your spouse disagrees. Once these grounds have been met then a court can agree that the divorce process should be carried out. It’s also important to remember that if you do not have reasonable grounds for divorce then the court will most likely not accept the process.

Responding to a Divorce Petition

You may not be the person that is filing for a divorce and there could be one being filed against you. This results in a petition being posted to you with a notice of proceedings form and an acknowledgment of service form. The proceedings form is important as it gives a case number and what to do next. Failure to respond within 21 days usually ends with the proceedings continuing regardless, so it is important to respond. You can agree or disagree and you can find more information on a divorce petition on this page. This processes can be stressful and emotionally difficult as you have to reply quickly. Here at Hurlows Family Law Practice, our team can advise you regarding the divorce petition process as well as how to respond. We can also help you with returning acknowledgment forms and how to proceed if you agree or disagree with the divorce.

How a Family Law Solicitor Can Assist You

As previously mentioned, a family law solicitor can help you through the divorce process by being able to offer you relevant advice and an additional opinion which can be of huge help. Having the relevant legal advice also available is another way that you can be feel supported by a solicitor. Here at Hurlows Family Law Practice, our team of highly skilled specialist solicitors is well equipped to help you should you need them. We are also Lexcel accredited which is an accolade only awarded to Firms who reach the highest management and customer care standards. Should you have an issue related to family law then we will endeavor to offer you a compassionate and professional service. Family law is constantly changing and due to this fact, we only specialise in family law. This means that you have a team of highly skilled, experienced solicitors who meet frequently to discuss cases. This ensures that you have the entire weight of our legal team in your corner and have access to a wide range of advice. Not one case is the same but because our team has represented many clients in Cardiff and the surrounding areas, they have most likely given advice on a situation similar to yours.

When May You Require a Family Law Solicitor

When going through a divorce, our aim to defuse stressful situations for you to prevent lengthy court battles. This cannot however also be achieved and we would highly recommend working with our team should you be in disagreement about financial settlements or making arrangements for children. This can be achieved by carrying out mediation. This allows for an acceptable agreement to be written and signed by both parties which avoids going to court. Our solicitors are members of Resolution and this ensures that we can strive to reduce conflict at this very emotive time. For a fair solution, court is often required. Our solicitors are highly skilled in these matters and should you require representation in court, they are more than happy to represent you.

The Various Aspects Regarding Divorce Advice

In the September update of our blog, we discuss aspects of divorce advice and what to do should you need further advice.

How to Get a Divorce CardiffDuring the difficult time in which you may be facing the prospects of a divorce, you may be hesitant to seek divorce advice. Seeking advice is often a way in which you can reduce the stress and difficulty of the situation as well as offering clarity. As previously mentioned, there are ways in which you can attempt to reach agreements outside of court without having to draw out the process. There are other reasons as to why people seek advice when they are facing the prospect of a divorce. Speaking to an individual who is well versed in the legal aspects of divorce law can offer compassionate support as well as relevant legal advice. Although you may be reluctant to seek advice, you are fully entitled and deserve to be able to have somebody to talk regarding the separation or divorce. Whether you are choosing to undergo the procedure or are looking for someone to deal with it for you then Hurlows Family Law Practice is here to help. We can offer you advice and support every step of the way should you feel that you wish to conduct the proceedings yourself utilising a compassionate service. Family law is all that we do. No matter how you are feeling during this difficult time, our team is available to advise and support you.

Mediation & Separation

Mediation or a separation may feel more appropriate than to look firstly at a divorce. This is dependant on the situation as some situations you may find are impossible to mediate in. This may be due to the fact that the other party are being difficult or disagree with what is being proposed. Should you also disagree with what the other party is stating then you may find that you are not in agreement regarding financial agreements or agreements regarding your children. Mediation is a recommended route to begin the proceedings as you can discuss what each party wants and attempt to reach an amicable solution. An amicable solution is highly sought after because it can massively reduce the stress and fear that can be induced by the prospect of a divorce. However, an amicable solution may not be possible and this may result in you needing to speak to an advisor or solicitor. Separation is also a course of action that can be pursued after a relationship breaks down. This does not push forwards for a divorce but instead, sets the ground rules before the divorce procedure takes place. This allows time to be able to plan ahead as well as make preparations for the eventual proceedings. This can also reduce the stress and fear caused by the prospect of a divorce as it slows down a potentially quick series of events. This allows you to seek advice as well as seek the help of friends and family.

Divorce Considerations

The October edition of our Divorce article focuses on the considerations and obstacles that you will need to think about when going through a divorce.

Divorce Mediation CardiffIn the modern era, there’s now a wide range of paths that you can follow in regards to a divorce as opposed to the more linear paths in the past. In this update of our article, we will investigate the different issues that you may be facing when going through a divorce as well as important aspects that you will need to consider and may accidentally overlook. If you do overlook these aspects then you can find yourself in a difficult situation which could have been avoided by considering all of the possibilities. Should you be facing a divorce with little arrangements to make such as a pre-agreed financial agreement (prenuptial agreement) and no children to make arrangements for then the divorce process will be much more straightforward than other instances. You can still find the advice of family law solicitors to be extremely helpful in these situations however they may not necessarily be required. Should you be facing a divorce that includes additional factors then these considerations need to be considered carefully and fully. Agreements regarding children and financial settlements should be considered at great length and with the advice of a legal representative or solicitor. This is mainly to ensure that you can receive a fair outcome as well as decide on the best course of action.

Important Aspects to Consider When Facing a Divorce

As touched upon, there are several aspects that you will need to think about and failure to do so could put you in a more difficult situation. It’s important to not become confrontational when starting the divorce procedure despite being in a very stressful situation. Although it is a difficult and uncertain time, being prepared is a great way to lessen the stress of the situation and to gain clarity on how is best to proceed. Not one situation is the same however with the advice and guidance of a mediator & family law solicitor, you will have another individual or team to help you. At Hurlows Family Law Practice, our entire team of solicitors is available to offer advice during this time. Although your case is personal to you and there are never two cases that are the same, we have likely represented a client in a similar situation to your own and will, therefore, be able to offer relevant and legally centered advice. It’s important to also consider life after a divorce or separation. Maintaining an amicable relationship is a way to smoothen out the process of separation or divorce but a lot of the time this cannot be possible. It’s therefore important to not attempt to be confrontational and to try and establish as amicable situation as possible, mainly through mediation. If this is not possible then it’s highly recommended to hire a family law solicitor, as the only way that decisions will be made is likely through a court ruling.

Is It Really Worth Representing Yourself?

The November edition of our blog investigates the reasons as to why individuals suggest to represent yourself and why you should avoid this.

Divorce Solicitor CardiffA common piece of advice that is often discussed when going through a separation or a divorce is the option to represent yourself. This is due to the fact that some individuals feel that they know what they want from their divorce as well as what they wish to settle on. Although it may seem like you feel as if you can represent yourself, there are certainly many reasons to suggest not going ahead and doing this. In terms of the advice and guidance that a family law solicitor can provide, you will not be going at it alone against the wide range of complex legislation regarding divorce and separation. The team at Hurlows Family Law Practice for example have many years of experience and have advised many clients during their cases. We also go one step further, offering emotional support to our clients to ensure that they feel supported during this very isolating time. A family law solicitor also aims to offer council and mediate with both parties to resolve disputes. This is often difficult to do whilst representing yourself due to the fact that tensions can run high and not every divorce will end amicably or with both parties on good terms. It’s often helpful and supportive to just have a second opinion, especially an opinion that is from a legal standpoint.

Avoiding Lengthy Disputes

The reasons that are often cited for representing yourself are that you are clear with your intentions as well as what you desire to be the outcome of your divorce. One of the main issues regarding divorce is if a lengthy dispute arises. Although you may feel as if you can make a decision quickly, tensions can arise as well as other difficulties. As a faster divorce process is often granted for abuse cited as unreasonable behaviour and adultery, these cases may not last for extended periods of time. However, it’s not very clear as to how to establish grounds for unreasonable behaviour besides these situations which means that tensions can rise during separation. The reason that lengthy disputes need to be avoided is that a court battle can be extremely costly to both parties. There are even situations in which one party may be the one that has been wronged but the second party is still causing difficulties and delaying the process. Working with a solicitor prevents this from happening by aiming to avoid these court battles. This can either be carried out through mediation or by looking at alternative methods to reaching agreements outside of court. Should disputing certain aspects such as financial agreements require court then it is imperative that you have legal council or legal representation. This is to ensure that you can achieve a fair financial settlement whilst also aiming to minimise the amount of time that you have to attend court.

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