Divorce During COVID-19 – Myths & Advice on Approaching Divorce

Family Law During COVID-19

There are a variety of myths and discussions surrounding the topic of divorce – especially during recent times which can make approaching divorce even more difficult. The uncertainty that has surrounded the pandemic has changed everyday life with family law also being an area of the law that has been affected and that has had to adapt. With issues such as visitation for children during a lockdown to the divorce process itself – Family Law has had to adapt to overcome the issues that have arisen because of the pandemic.


You may have heard or suspected that divorce has been on the rise due to the pandemic. With couples having to stay together if there have been issues – one may assume that divorce has been on the rise but this isn’t necessarily the case across the world. This article covers several myths about divorce during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as offers advice on approaching divorce during these difficult times. 


At Hurlows Family Law Practice, we are family law solicitors in Cardiff that have many years of experience in the field of family law. If you are looking for advice from specialist divorce lawyers in Cardiff during COVID then get in touch with our team today.


Are Divorce Rates Increasing?


One of the main predictions that arose from the pandemic was the prediction that divorce rates would automatically increase at large rates as unhappy couples would be forced to be within close proximity to each other. This has been the case in some parts of the world however Divorce actually in June in New York by 45% compared to 2019. This shows therefore that although divorces are increasing in some parts of the world – this is not the case everywhere with some reporting that the pandemic actually helped failing relationships to succeed.


There was however increased rates of domestic violence through the COVID-19 crisis in the UK which saw the UK’s largest domestic abuse charity Refuge receive 700% more calls to its helpline in a single day. 


No-one should tolerate an abusive relationship. Domestic abuse covers emotional, financial, sexual, psychological and physical harm. You have options to apply to court for injunctions to protect yourself and your children. We always deal with these matters sensitively and respect your choices and confidentiality at every stage.


Why May Divorce Secretly Be Rising?


Although divorce may not have specifically increased – this still could mean that couples are planning the process and have not gone through with the process of a divorce. As no-fault divorce is looking to be introduced next year, couples may even be waiting for divorce laws to change before proceeding with the divorce process. With it being potentially more difficult to go through the divorce process currently – some may have just not wanted to go through with the divorce process. 


Facing the Divorce Process

COVID-19 & Divorce

It’s highly recommended to get in touch with a professional family law solicitor if you are approaching the divorce process. This is because of the fact that they can provide you with specific advice relating to your case and ensures that you have the support that you need during these difficult times. We are more than happy to offer you the advice that you need when facing the uncertainty of divorce during these troubling times. We will support you and offer specific advice whilst supporting you during your claim.


At Hurlows Family Law Practice, we are family law solicitors in Cardiff that have many years of experience in the field of family law. If you are looking for advice on facing divorce during COVID then get in touch with our team of expert divorce lawyers in Cardiff today. Check out our specialist solicitors who are the best family law solicitors in Cardiff.

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