Recent events have understandably made visitation agreements over the holiday period become more difficult with uncertainty around the mixing of individuals and families over the Christmas period. With lockdown rules and regulations set to be put in place over the coming week, you may be looking for information or advice relating to child visitation and custodial agreements over the holiday season and the New Year. With uncertainties about the state of visitation in the coming months, this article discussed child visitation agreements as well as considerations that may have to be made over the Christmas period.


There are Welsh Government Guidelines that dictate the recommended approach when arranging for child visitation and visitation agreements in general. Over the holiday period, it’s highly recommended that guidelines are followed and that this advice is used as a guideline on how to approach child visitation. If you have any questions about child visitation in Cardiff or child custody agreements, please get in touch with a member of our team for more information.


What Are the Current Guidelines on Visitation?


Children under the age of 18 can be moved between their parents’ homes should parents not live together. This is in the context of the most up-to-date guidelines on health that are available. If a child is displaying symptoms of the virus or has received a positive test result – they must not be moved between homes. Arrangements have likely been made for families with vulnerable members at the start of the pandemic and these arrangements should also be adhered to.


Why Has This Made Visitation More Difficult?


For many families, this has made visitation agreements a lot more challenging in certain cases. This may because of the fact that solid agreements have had to have compromises made, schools were shut at certain periods of the year and all of this still needs to take the children’s best interests into consideration. With the inclusion of provisions having to be made for families with vulnerable family members – this has made reaching these decisions especially more difficult in some cases. 


Making Arrangements for the Holiday Period



It’s important to create an open and constructive decision today with a partner if you still have not made decisions about the Christmas period. Structured decisions are key in providing your children with clarity on the situation and may help to ease any concerns that they have with a lack of structure or concerns regarding the virus. Some agreements may be agreements such as Christmas at one household in one year and another in the other and current regulations should not affect an agreement such as this. If you have an agreement to split the holiday season between households – you may want to reach a decision to change your arrangement if you are worried about the mixing of households or your family has vulnerable members with existing health conditions. As we discussed – put your children’s best interests at the heart of your decision-making process, be transparent with your children and help them feel safe and secure as well as ensure that you strictly adhere to the plan of action. This can be key to managing any concerns that they have and provide them with the structure that they may need during this very difficult time.


We understand the significance of the holiday season for children as well as families and appreciate that this has been a very tough year for many families across Wales and the UK. Should you require advice on child visitation agreements, disputes involving children and are based in Cardiff – get in touch with Hurlows Family Law Practice’s team of family law solicitors today.

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