Iss Coverage of Celebrity Divorce Spreading Misinformation About Divorce?


Celebrity Family Law


Celebrity level separations and divorce are often displayed all around the media and news outlets which can lead to some interesting and potentially damaging insights into the divorce process. With a number of high-level cases being broadcasted to the world, this can also make family law a difficult or misconceived topic especially with the media coverage.


We have discussed this topic partly before whilst busting some divorce myths in our divorce myth-busting article however we were yet to make an entire article on celebrity divorce and how the relaying of divorce on the news and other media sources can affect views on family law usually in a negative or misleading way. So read on to find out the impact that this may have on perceptions of family law cases currently.


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Why Do Some Divorces Seem So Fast in the Celebrity World?


You may have seen some cases in which celebrity couples have already filed for a divorce seemingly just weeks after tying the knot. This is arguably one of the biggest misconceptions that the media spread around divorce as they make it seem as if the divorce is effective immediately in their eyes and that the parties are free to remarry whomever they wish. In the UK – you must wait 1 year before a divorce can take place. The confusion that arises here is that you can make the application and prepare the documents but the process will not become legally binding until 1 year has passed. In the US it may vary by state but the process usually takes months to complete which again is definitely not a quick process.


Celebrities Seem to Get Preferential Treatment


The top lawyers and defence teams are often constructed for celebrity cases and divorce settlements are usually no exception. With the vast amount of wealth often involved and the fact that the cases are often so high profile in the media – some may assume that these cases get special treatment compared to other cases. This is simply not the case with equal consideration being made to both parties during the divorce process, decisions made that best suits both parties and any children involved and the same treatment as other spouses who are looking to go through the divorce process. Approaches regarding children and finances are also equally weighted between both parties in favour of what is best for both parties and their families. Preferential treatment is not granted in terms of the gender of each party for example.


Separation is Different from Divorce


Celebrity Divorce


Many couples decide that they do not want to go through the divorce process specifically so they decide to arrange for a legal separation. This does not end the marriage although for celebrity divorce specifically – it can lessen the amount of time that they are under scrutiny or held within the limelight. Couples decide to separate rather than divorce for the following main reasons:


  • Some couples choose to separate and then review their marriage before finalising on divorce.
  • Divorce can be a very difficult process for all involved so separation can make the changes less sudden.
  • Separation allows for more amicable agreements and arrangements to be made. In the UK as no-fault divorce does not exist yet – divorce proceedings can sometimes turn into a difficult blame game should they enter the Courts.


Are there any other aspects about celebrity divorce that don’t seem correct or have seemed to affect or change your view on the legal process of divorce? Why not let us know today? There is often a vast amount of media coverage that covers the divorce process so it’s important to review the law as well as our other informative blog posts on the divorce process in the UK if you need further information.

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