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Hurlows Solicitors are a company noted for its high standards and knowledge that’s been helping the Cardiff and South Wales area since the year 2001. We have been accredited by Lexcel, an award only granted for the practices that meet the greatest of standards in customer care. We take every clients needs seriously and be sure to give the best services and also have our clients feeling valued. We specialise in family law, specifically divorce and child custody.

We’ve got a team of knowledgeable and determined lawyers wanting to deliver compassionate and effective solutions in a high quality way. If you need the services of a Child Custody Solicitor in Cardiff you should phone Hurlows on 029 2039 6087

We offer advice for you when your family is involved in social issues or breakdown of a marriage. We understand the result these issues may have on households, specially small children, and we do our very best to be sure important things work out in the end for everyone, as best as they are able to.

Here is number of the issues we tackle;

Breakdown of a Relationship

When relationships, civil partners or marriages break -up, the individuals involved can become traumatised and distressed. At this point, we help to provide you support.

A summary of our family law services in Cardiff

Divorce Or Separation

We take the matter head on and advise you on what you should do to get the divorce resolved fairly quickly, which lets you focus on moving forward. Simultaneously receiving the most desirable resolution for you personally, our customer.

Monetary settlements

After the separation and divorce, monetary issues can certainly weigh you down. We recommend acquiring legal counsel from us regarding your alternate options. We strive to get the best monetary resolution we can for you, our client.

Domestic abuse

We continually take care of these matters sensitively and respect your choices. Our aim is to obtain protection for you personally, as well as children, as quickly and confidentially as is possible.

Separation agreements

Not every person is ready to file for divorce proceedings, and that’s why some opt for separating. We’re here to help generatea separation plan that put preparations in place in order to resolve the financial circumstance.

Prenuptial documents

They say prevention is better than cure. At Hurlows, we want to prepare and help you safeguard all of your financial assets in the event of divorce later on. A prenuptial agreement isn’t a statement of a possible future breakdown in the relationship, but a prudent document to cover all scenarios.

Court proceedings

All complicated differences have to be taken to court for a legal and reasonable solution to be concluded. Our group of solicitors is ready to fully handle your case in the courtroom and be there with you until the end of procedures.


Frequently it’s better not to take issues to the court which can be solved as a result of other cheaper means. Our solicitors will help in bargaining a reasonable agreement.

We have other options which can be of help to you personally. We strive for customer satisfaction and wish to build a good rapport with our clients.

Child Care

Preproceedings or legal meetings

Once you get an invitation to a meeting with social services, it is prudent that you just seek advice from a lawyer to take you through this process. We have the experience and resources to ensure that you get what you may require both from your legal and social viewpoint.

Childcare court proceedings

In the event you are arraigned in court by social services, we are able to be there to handle your case. Any father or mother gets the legal right to representation for these court proceedings and getting someone you can trust on your side is definitely a tremendous benefit and provides reassurance.

Below is a look at the professional services that involve children:

  • Case conferences

You can have our industry professionals sit you down and offer thorough guidance on issues associated with case conferences. Occasionally, they are able to attend all appointments with you. You can even, in many conditions, qualify for free of charge legal aid to cover this.

  • Special guardianship

Numerous families think about making an application for this type of arrangement to secure guardianship for their children. If this is so in your case, we can supply you with suggestions about your best option to consider that meets your circumstance and fully handle your case in the court.

  • Adoption

If you would like adopt a child, it is possible to talk to us for help and advice and we can manage the situation with you. Conversely, when a child is going to be adopted against your wish, we can stand by your side and help you stop this process.

Our company is ready to offer consultation on concerns dealing with child custody. Usually when households fall apart, it’s very easy for most people to get lost in the stress and confusion. We’re right here to set matters straight when this happens. We could represent you in the court and make certain a remedy is found.


A number of the wide family challenges we tackle consist of;

  • Contact agreements

When a household is enduring a difficult time, it’s the children that suffer probably the most. It comes to a point in which the fathers and mothers find it hard to see them or meet up with them, which can be where contact arrangements are important.

  • Parental responsibility

This is the legal term used to determine who has the mandate to make choices which affect the children. Occasionally, single fathers or stepparents don’t have the power to make decisions for his or her children. We inform and reveal to you what this will involve.

  • Grandparents’ rights

It is in the character of grandmother and grandfather to be concerned about their children and grandchildren. At Hurlows, we know this and are prepared to breakdown the issues that’s involved for clients.

Why Decide On Hurlows Solicitors?

These are among the ways by which Hurlows Solicitors ensures you get high quality services;

Together with our awards for customer service and also over 15 years of delivering outstanding results for our customers in Cardiff – below are a few other benefits of using Hurlows for your legal representatives:

We normally have credit card services that may assist you in investing in our expert services.

Ahead of the case at hand, we will provide you with an overview of the whole expense of your situation and keep updating you on each and every stage of the way that will help you keep track of your financial situation and alter your financial budget as a result.

We will send out an interim invoice each month that will help you know how much you owe us.

We provide a 20 minute absolutely free interview before we start. At this stage, we talk about your plan of action in terms of handling funds for the circumstance.

At Hurlows Solicitors, we value our clients and hold all of our clients in high regard. For those who have a family law situation, talk to us. Do not go through the tough times on your own, we are here to help you. For more information about our family law solutions and especially why to choose us as your local Child Custody Lawyer In Cardiff, why not phone 029 2039 6087 and receive legal aid today


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