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Legal aid


  • Hurlows Family Law Practice is a well respected and long established legal aid Firm recognised by the Legal Aid Agency as providing a quality service
  • Legal aid is available for certain types of cases, and if you are granted legal aid then the Legal Aid Agency will pay our fees for representing you
  • We will work out whether or not you qualify for legal aid by assessing your financial circumstances
  • You can qualify fully without a contribution or you may have to pay an amount each month towards your legal aid. We will advise you about your eligibility and you always have a choice about whether to accept the terms of legal aid
  • As a parent, or someone with parental responsibility for a child, involved in court proceedings issued by social services you are automatically entitled to Legal Aid, even if you are in employment


If you DO NOT qualify for legal aid then you will need to pay our fees.

We have a range of options to help you


  • We have credit card facilities to help you manage your payments
  • We will give you an estimate of the overall costs at the beginning of your case and will review this estimate at every stage so you always know how much the work will cost and you can decide whether or not to proceed
  • We will send you a monthly interim bill so you always know how much you owe to help you budget
  • We can discuss how you want to manage the funding of your case during the initial stages of your case.

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    We can advise and represent you when your family is finding it difficult to agree on arrangements for the children. This often happens following a relationship breakdown or when families fall out. This can be an emotional and challenging time for any family and our experienced team of family law solicitors in Cardiff are experts in child law. We can help by advising you about your rights and your options and by representing you to achieve a solution.

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