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Family Law Solicitors Cardiff

family law solicitors cardiffWhen a family dispute arises, it can be a very difficult time for all involved and emotions will be running high. There are a range of family law services that we offer here at Hurlows Solicitors and we focus exclusively on family law issues such as child support and custody and divorce. There are a range of family law cases in which we can represent you and advise you on and this article will discuss the various issues and cases we can help you with. We know that your case is very personal to you and this is why we will endeavour to help you achieve a fair outcome, protect your children and reduce the stress that you may be experiencing from the situation at hand. If you feel that you require representation or if you are looking for family law solicitors in Cardiff then contact Hurlows Solicitors today or give us a call on: 029 2039 6087.

Divorce Advice Cardiff

Divorce is the legal process of ending a marriage and legal representation is valuable as well as comforting in this difficult time. We can advise you on the process or represent you through the process to ensure that you have the best and fairest representation possible. Divorce may also incorporate difficult factors such as disputes over children and financial settlements. Financial settlements exist to find the best way to end your marriage financially. This as well as disputes over children is one of the most critical issues and it is very much advised that you seek legal advice regarding this issue. As a breakdown of a relationship is a stressful time, it is also advised to seek our advice due to the fact that we can help you through this difficult process. In terms of legal marriage services, we can also advise you and draw up a pre-nuptial agreement which helps bring clarity into a dispute if your relationship was to breakdown. These agreements can set in stone where you stand in the eyes of the law and within future disputes if they were to happen. We can represent you across all disputes through mediation but also through court proceedings if a dispute has to go to a court of law.

Financial Agreements in Family Law

Family Law Solicitors in Cardiff

The April edition of our family law solicitors article discusses how family law affects your finances and which arrangements you can make for your finances by working with family law solicitors.

Although family law arguably primarily deals with family aspects such as divorce and separation, financial arrangements are an important part of family law. In terms of a separation case or a situation in which one is facing divorce, the financial aspects of your separation are supported by family law and potentially dictated by family law. Making financial arrangements is often one of the most disputed areas of separations and family law solicitors can help you reach arrangements that are a fair resolution for you and your family. Considerations for this include if you will be paying bills after your separation as well as what additional costs you will have to pay after your separation or divorce. Financial arrangements are not just limited to a separation, you can make financial arrangements before a marriage to ensure that arrangements are made in the highly unfortunate and stressful situation of a divorce or separation. Pre-nuptial agreements are examples of this as you are able to set out pre-marriage arrangements to ensure that there is agreement and peace of mind should separation occur. This sets a legally binding agreement which must be adhered to when a separation occurs (as per the agreement.) But what other arrangements can be reached and are protected by family law and how can a family law solicitor advise you in your case?

Additional Asset Disputes

Although financial disagreements may occur, there’s also other issues that may occur with arrangements for assets such as properties and other possessions. This again along with making arrangements for children are one of the most important factors in making arrangements after a separation or divorce. Reaching arrangements that are fair to both parties is of the utmost importance and this is where family law solicitors become very important during this process. When you own a property together then property disputes can often arise about how to best deal with separation of property or properties after separation or a divorce. Our experienced family law solicitors can advise and support you on reaching agreements with assets, financial agreements and agreements regarding your children. We understand that this is a highly difficult time for your family and that you may have a number of emotions whilst trying to reach one of the most difficult decisions of your life. Our solicitors can support you and offer impartial advice to ensure that you are looking at the whole picture and are able to reach informed decisions (both legally and emotionally.) If you are experiencing an issue or facing a divorce or separation and are unsure about your options and how to proceed then we highly recommend that you contact our solicitors today by enquiring with an online form on our website or telephone our team directly now on: 029 2039 6087.

Disputes Involving Children

Here at Hurlows Solicitors, we have a wide range of experience in dealing with many disputes involving children. We can advise you on contact disputes in which times need to be set out for children to stay with both parents. We can also find a way to progress for the best interests of your children. Parental responsibility or the right to legally make decisions about children is also an issue that we can help you with. It is often the case that unmarried fathers and step-parents do not have parental responsibility and we can advise and aid you on what this indicates if you don’t have it. We are also able to help you arrange the safeguarding of children utilising special guardianship orders. We are also very happy to advise and represent you across other family law areas involving children such as helping you with adoption as well as representing children legally if they are deemed mature enough to have their own solicitor. Children are extremely important and can we understand that you will always want their best interests therefore we are here to advise and represent you across a wide range of disputes involving children.

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If you require assistance with a family dispute that you may be experiencing then we’d very much like to offer our legal services to you. A family dispute can be a very difficult time for you and we are here to make it as less stressful and worrying for you as possible. If you feel that you require family law solicitors in Cardiff or if you require family solicitors in Cardiff then contact us today or call Hurlows Solicitors on: 029 2039 6087.