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Divorce & Divorce Papers Cardiff Explained by Hurlows Family Law Practice

Divorce Papers CardiffDue to the fact that divorce is a highly stressful, complex process; you may find great assistance in working with family law solicitors. During this difficult time, we know that your case is the most important thing in your life and this is why you will most likely be looking for the advice of a legal team. Whether you are looking to go through the divorce process yourself and require advice or if you are looking for a team to carry out the process on your behalf, our solicitors are readily available to offer you all of the guidance and assistance that you may need. In this article, we will discuss the divorce process and how we can help you with this as well as how Hurlows Family Law Practice are committed to offering you the best family law advice. If you are looking for advice regarding divorce papers in Cardiff or if you require advice regarding divorce in Cardiff then ensure that you contact Hurlows Family Law Practice today or call us now on: 029 2039 6087

Advice With The Divorce Process

Due to the fact that the divorce process has a number of steps to carry out, this can add to the stress of the entire process. Our expert team are here to help and can make all of the arrangements on your behalf should this be required. If you do wish to carry out the process yourself then we will endeavour to guide you through the entire process by offering you legal support. These could involve sending the paperwork for the divorce as well as all of the agreements that need to be agreed such as financial agreements and arrangements for looking after children. At Hurlows Family Law Practice, we are committed to mediate the situation to help you avoid lengthy and costly court battles. Should you have to attend court, such as where a financial agreement cannot be agreed or where an unfair agreement is being proposed. Our team are ready to work with you to attempt to mediate the situation to avoid a court battle and to assist you if a court battle does ensue.

Divorce Decisions & Relevant Information

Our August edition of our blog on divorce papers looks into what you need to consider as well as what information needs to be provided in a divorce petition.

Cardiff Divorce PapersThere are several decisions that must be made and these will vary on the personal requirements of your case. The divorce petition is the first document to complete which gives detail of where and when you were married and the reason as to why you are applying for a divorce. Children under 16 or that are still in full time education are warrant the requirement of a Statement of Arrangements for the Children. This decides where your children will go to school and who they will live with. It’s important to note that the court will not make orders regarding children in the divorce proceedings and will only make orders on this in a seperate application to the court. Should the divorce process involve financial settlements then these decisions are much more complex and you should seek the legal advice. The forms that are to be completed are designed without a solicitor in mind but it’s highly important to seek legal advice regarding these forms. The individual that sends the petition is the Petitioner and the other is the Respondent.

Working With a Solicitor as a Petitioner or Respondent

There are a few situations, such as making arrangements for your children and financial arrangements in which it’s highly recommended to proceed with legal advice. Before touching on these specific points, it’s important to highlight that if you feel confused or worried about the process then you should also consider seeking legal advice. Our team understand that this is your case, one that is the most important of your life. Every case is different however we have more than likely offered advice in a case similar to yours. If you feel that you are concerned about how to proceed then we are available to help and advise you. With financial aspects, it’s important that you receive the financial settlement that is fair to you. In regards to reaching an agreement for your children, it’s important to reach an agreement that is in their best interests. The importance of this is significant and if a reasonable agreement cannot be reached then it’s recommended to take this sort of dispute to court. We can also help you with this by offering relevant advice and offering a mediation service to discuss these aspects outside of court. Lengthy court battles are financially draining and can increase the stressfulness of the situation. We will try to avoid the drawn out process of court battles whilst also offering you relevant legal advice and emotional support whenever you need this. The team at Hurlows Family Law Practice are ready and willing to advise you further during this difficult time.

The Team of Family Law Solicitors at Hurlows

Divorce Paper Advice CardiffAt Hurlows Family Law Practice, we are dedicated to family law which allows us to adapt to the this ever changing field. This means that you have access to the knowledge of an expert team as who can offer you relevant legal advice as well as support should you need it. We can help you with the divorce process, ranging from starting the initial process to providing mediation to try and resolve any issues before they have to go to court. If these proceedings do go to court, our team are fully committed to representing you and ensuring that you get a fair resolution from court proceedings. Court is often required with financial settlements as well as making arrangements for your children. Our firm focuses on enabling parents to resolve issues which is in the children’s best interests. Cohabitee property disputes are a complex area of the law and we would highly recommend seeking the advice of our team regarding this. We can also offer a separation agreement so that you can calculate how to go ahead with dealing and arranging your financial affairs. This allows you to seperate but do not have to go through immediately with a divorce. Should you require advice regarding a range of family law issues then our team of solicitors are available to help you. If you require the assistance of family solicitors in Cardiff or if you require advice with divorce papers in Cardiff then be sure to contact Hurlows Solicitors today or give us a call on: 029 2039 6087